Recruiting Consultant (sales focused)(期限切れ)

Career Scout Japan

Career Scout Japan

人事 / 人材紹介
フルタイム / 新卒・第二新卒
年収 360万円 ~ 1千万円
  • 相談可
  • 歩合制


  • 英語: 流暢(歓迎)
  • 日本語: 中級(日常会話レベル)(歓迎)
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります
  • Understanding that this is a sales focused position


Are you one of the following?

1) JET participant or English teacher who's underutilized and underpaid?
2) Japan resident with sales or customer service background with limited Japanese proficiency?
3) Super competitive and want to maximize your potential?


Capitalizing on a record year for sales, CSJ is hiring for several new positions on our Supply Chain Management (SCM) recruiting desk!

The Recruiting Consultant (high volume, high quality sales role) will develop their own network of candidates & clients and take ownership of the entire recruiting process. This is a great opportunity to gain sales and consulting experience through hands-on training in an international, professional and team-oriented office. You will work closely with the Managing Director (American with 15+ years recruiting experience in Tokyo) and Senior Director (5+ years with Career Scout Japan) on our well-established supply chain and logistics recruiting desk. Feel free to check us out on Linked In.

What you can expect at CSJ:

- Warm desk: existing clients (hundreds of contracts) and candidates ready to help with matching
- Teamwork: you'll be developing clients with the support of a TEAM, including other specialisms (think "pack hunting" instead of "lone-wolf"). The senpai on the SCM desk is the top biller for CSJ and a seasoned veteran. Your senior recruiters will have your back and help you grow.
- Volume: Multiple candidate and client prospecting / sourcing telephone calls per day with high emphasis on customer service and respect to Japanese business practices
- Creative working environment: Are you good on camera? You will be even better at CSJ. We use video for our business development and prospecting calls. Also, we invest HEAVILY in marketing and co-branding with consultants to get your name well-known and bring in candidates and clients.
- Big Respect for Japan: Half our office is non-Japanese, but ALL of us have huge respect and love for Japan. We spend time learning the language and culture and adhere to Japanese business practices to ensure we are good citizens.
- Competitive base salary and individual achievement commission: We have deep pockets from consistent retained profits. We are ready to invest in bonuses and salaries for true sales hunters. Our individual achievement commission structure is transparent (no opaque “manager discretion” commission calculations).
- Co-branding: Seen our manga job ads? CSJ believes in co-branding with consultants. The consultant is everything, we allocate marketing budget to build the brands of our people, and not make it just about the company.

What not to expect:

- Eikaiwa-like job where you receive the same pay regardless of output. We expect excellent results from our consultants and constant focus on improvement, we'll reward you handsomely.
- A job where work / life balance supersedes meeting commitments to candidates and clients. We want our consultants to take satisfaction in working hard and providing first-class customer service.
- A job where you spend all day looking at Linked In or other social media. Relationships are built through face to face or phone communication.
- A locker room / boiler room or unprofessional environment. We expect our consultants to treat one another with respect and dress for success. Think "Goldman Sachs" rather than "Wolf of Wall Street."
- A 9 to 5 commitment. We expect our consultants to continue their development / growth outside of the office to be a better recruiter and better member of Japanese society. We will support excellent consultants' development endeavors as well.

Job Description:

1st three months (training / ramp-up period, candidate focused)

- Start learning recruiting business by attending training (daily at first, then several times a week afterwards) with Managing Director and Senior Director (don't worry, we'll teach you everything you need to know to be successful) (10%)
- Under the guidance of the Managing Director and other senior recruiters, focus on sourcing candidates by phone in the supply chain / logistics area by proactively calling new prospects (roughly 70%)
- Meet candidates and clients alongside Managing Director and Senior Director (10%)
- Use Linked in and other online platforms to source candidates (10%)

** You will be assigned a target for sourcing candidates. Once target is achieved, you'll move on to client / company development

4th to 6th months (both candidate and client / company development)

- Develop and maintain clients through proactive business development endeavors by phone (30%)
- Source, meet and evaluate candidates by video chat and phone (30%)
- Follow-up with candidate introductions to client companies and help facilitate interview / hiring process (30%)
- Maintain integrity of database and company information, use Linked In and other social media platforms to source candidates and clients (10%)


- Excellent communication and presentation skills (you'll be calling director level executives)
- Highly competitive, must have drive and passion to succeed
- Positive attitude with strong focus on efficiency and attention to detail
- Customer service oriented mindset is a MUST
- Strong understanding of Japanese (especially reading) is a plus, but not mandatory
- Strong business acumen: you will be selling to the C-suite and aligning yourself with global decision makers
- Ability to work in the office: We are more effective as a team if we are working together, especially during your development. At the same time, we understand that life happens (have to take care of family, kids etc.) and we don’t mind providing flexibility when needed.

Examples of Successful Consultants:

- Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) participant with experience in the Japanese country side (strong understanding of Japanese, Japanese culture, eager to gain business experience)
- Sales rep from different industry willing to learn the business with strong sports background (disciplined, competitive, strong worth ethic)
- English language school teacher with an educational background in HR / Business and interest in Japanese culture (enjoys the social aspect of meeting, engaging with and helping all sorts of new and interesting people)
- Sales / Customer service oriented Japanese company salary man / woman eager to work in international environment (hard working, relationship focused)

** Any of the above sound like you? Feel free to apply! All qualified candidates will receive a reply within 48 hours.




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