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IBDP - Chemistry Teacher Position (expired)

Hiroshima Global Academy "HiGA" | 広島県立広島叡智学園中学校・高等学校

Hiroshima Global Academy "HiGA" | 広島県立広島叡智学園中学校・高等学校

Job ID
Osakikamijima, Hiroshima, Japan
Post date
Jan 31, 2024
Education / Teaching
Teacher, Instructor (ELT, Conversational English)
Work Type
Contract / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥4,100 ~ ¥4,100 / Hour
  • Annual Salary will be approximately ¥5M ~ 6.3M


  • English: Native level (preferred)
  • Japanese: Basic (preferred)
  • Minimum 3-year bachelor’s degree in the field of chemistry
  • Visa sponsorship available


Description:IBDP Chemistry Teacher

1. Period of contract
The contract period is one year with the opportunity to extend the contract for high-performing teachers. After 5 years, if the teacher
continues to excel and wishes to be employed as a formal teacher, HiGA will consider providing an opportunity for a selection test
to be hired as permanent staff under the supervision of the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education.
2. Work place: Okushi, Osakikamijima-cho, Toyota-gun
HiGA is located on Osakikamijima, a remote island off the coast of Hiroshima. There is no bridge between the mainland and the
island. A ferry service is the only travel option, therefore many teachers choose to live on the island.
3. Job description
3.1) Job commencing from April 1st, 2024~ (in principle)
3.2) Teaching junior and senior high school.
3.3) Your working time will be scheduled according to the term calendar.
3.4) Responsibilities:
- We expect you to teach and prepare for IBDP Chemistry (must have at least a 3-year undergraduate degree in chemistry).
- Teach MYP Science.
- Support project-based learning for Integrated Studies.
- Liaise with other MYP classes to enhance English education in HiGA.
- Support after-school activities.
- Attend professional development opportunities (e.g. IB MYP workshops and in-school PD).
- Design curriculum.
- Attend staff meetings.
- Support entrance examination preparation for junior and senior high school.
- Support IB programme.
- Support ICT work (including ManageBac).
- Support homeroom teacher.
- Support general roles issued by the head of school.
4. Working hours
Weekdays: To be determined by the Head of School, however in principle, an average workday will be 6 hours and 45 minutes with
a 45-minute lunch break. This is sometimes subject to change on school event days.
5. Working conditions
5.1) Working time – a maximum of 116 hours 15 minutes per 4 weeks, 6 hours 45 minutes per day.
5.2) Leave - there will be 16 paid annual leave days per year.
6. Salary and support
JPY 4,100/hour (Salary term: monthly salary based on hourly rate and days per month).
Annual Salary will be approximately ¥5M ~ 6.3M.
Allowance: transportation allowance (Public Transportation will be paid up to a specified amount).
7. Requirements
English Level: Native level, if non-native, equivalent to CEFR C1 level
Japanese Level: Basic (Preferable)
Cover letter: Required/ Please include your educational philosophy in the cover letter.
Visa Sponsorship: Available
Qualifications: Minimum 3-year bachelor’s degree in chemistry.
Special Requirements (SR): To fall under any one of the following:
SR.1) To have experience teaching Chemistry at a similar school or educational institution in Japan
SR.2) To have experience working in a specialized field relating to Chemistry (at a private company or overseas educational
SR.3) To have an overseas teaching license for Chemistry (Preferably to have teaching experience in an IB school.)
8. The following people are ineligible to apply
8.1) An adult ward or a warrantee
8.2) A person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or other severe punishment or is currently under indictment.
8.3) A person who has been given a dishonorable discharge or an undesirable discharge by the Hiroshima Prefecture or Hiroshima
Prefectural Board of Education within the past two years.

8.4) A person who has had his/her teacher's certificate revoked within the past three years.
8.5) A person who is a member of the Personnel Commission or the Equity Commission who has been sentenced to the penalties
due to discrimination or breach of confidentiality.
8.6) A person who has formed or joined a political party or other organization, which supports the destruction of the Constitution of
Japan or the national government formed under it through violence, on or after the date when the Constitution of Japan went into
9. Ideal candidate
9.1) Motivation / Values
- Strong comprehension of the missions, visions, and values of HiGA
- A high ethical sense and a strong passion for education
- The empathy and passion necessary to be deeply involved in the learning, living, and well-being of students in a boarding school
- Motivation to continue professional development
- Diversity of perspectives and awareness as a global citizen
- Motivation to show agency and actively work with team members with diverse backgrounds
- Motivation to be actively involved in the local community in Osakikamijima Town as well as the global network
9.2) Knowledge / Skills
- High degree of expertise in their subjects (knowledge and skills concerning educational content)
- High English proficiency
- Facilitation skills to foster deep thinking among students
- Strong commitment to the inquiry-based and project-based learning
- Strong commitment to the philosophy and educational pedagogy used by the International Baccalaureate
- Ability to engage in extracurricular activities and develop concept-based learning through hands-on activities
- Accountability for holistic well-being and academic development of students
10. Recruiting steps
1st step: Document screening
HiGA will contact successful applicants only to arrange a date for an online interview.
2nd Step: Online interview
The candidates are required to send PDF files of the necessary qualification or certificates such as university degree/s, visa,
residence card, and teaching license. Prior to the interview, candidates are required to make a lesson plan and prepare materials
following HiGA’s given format and conditions. Candidates must create a lesson plan for a grade 11 or 12 IBDP Chemistry class.
Candidates will be asked to conduct a 15-minute portion of their lesson plan as a demo lesson for the interviewers. The school staff
will observe and evaluate the demo lesson, while they act as students. We will see how you design the lesson and interact with the
learners. Following this, the interviewers will question you about the demo lesson. Finally, HiGA will contact successful candidates
only to organize a face-to-face interview.
3rd Step: Interview face-to-face  (An online interview will be arranged for overseas candidates)
Candidates are required to come to HiGA for the 3rd interview. HiGA will notify successful candidates to arrange documentation for
the commencement of the new teaching position.
*All travel costs are the responsibility of the candidate.

Last modified on March 2, 2024

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