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Web Engineer (R&D)| InsideSales System Technology 【Remote work & Flex-time】 (expired)

G Talent at Bizmates, inc.

G Talent at Bizmates, inc.

Job ID
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Mar 9, 2020
Information Technology
Application Development
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
Remote work
¥5.5M ~ ¥12.0M / Year


  • Japanese: Business level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Able to write and read Japanese
  • WEB Development Experience
  • Visa sponsorship available


-------------【About the company ...】-------------

★ Create a sales platform that creates a new business in 12 countries around the world ★
Sales has rejected technology and even thinking about productivity has been regarded as nonsense. But times have changed, in an era where all services have become commodities and customers have more information than companies. Intuition and guts are not enough anymore. Just as TV and radio have been replaced by Google, Excel has been replaced by SalesForce, so it's time for sales to evolve.

They are a Japanese venture that innovates in the sales field that the world overlooked with the mission of Technology for Sales. With the fusion of state-of-the-art technology and a thorough sales perspective as weapons.

◆ About the service introduced by 1200 companies.
It has specialized in sales incorporates uniqueness (patented) that can be connected instantly without any prior preparation, as well as many "sales-specific functions" not found in other web conferencing systems.For example,

-Realize an ice break beyond face-to-face [business card profile]
-Women are beautiful and men are handsome [Beauty mode]
-Presentation of documents with the highest image quality [Document sharing function]
-No email required data can be sent and received on the spot [File transfer]
-Secret [talk script] displayed only to salespeople
-No app or plug-in required [Screen sharing]
-Record and record negotiations [recording function]
-Automatically record negotiation data [Salseforce linkage]

As you can see from these functions, the concept is 180 degrees different from other web conferencing systems! And it has been adopted by more than 1200 companies because it is “simple and easy”. At the development site, they look to reduce the number of operations with just one click & to not add extra buttons, and implement only the functions that are really needed. They use simplicity and beauty while adding innovative features.

◆ Organizational concept, working environment and system
[Company is not a family but a sports team]
To survive in a fast-moving market, the company employs high performers in all divisions. The only investment target is "human resources". A team of independent high performers does not require micromanagement or detailed rules, it increases organizational efficiency.

[Frank and open corporate culture]
They want to be a corporate culture full of open and frank communication, regardless of the position. It is important to openly discuss with each other if a problem occurs, they will also create an atmosphere where all employees can easily ask questions and opinions to managers and officers

-------------【 Job Description 】-------------
★You only need to go to the office in Shimbashi only every Monday, but the other days you can work remotely.

You will be involved in the development of new functions for the current environment version of the web conference system, which is specialized in sales, and renewal development for the future.

The product will be formed based on the specifications formulated by the product manager and designer. After the product launch, we will take over to the SRE team whose mission is operation and maintenance, and will always be involved in new product development.

■ Development process
・ Development flow
Product managers, CTOs, and sometimes engineers create specifications based on requests from customers and the company. The assignment to the task is done with a hope-based schedule, and the engineer re-estimates sets the duration and develops based on the requirements.

・ Development policy
Development is done on a pull request basis using GitHub, and basically all code is reviewed. Since the service renewal project, they have also written test code, and we will continue to actively work on improving quality, such as E2E testing.

■ Development environment
Server side: PHP 7, CakePHP 2, Laravel 5
Front end: Vue.js, Nuxt
Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, RDS (Aurora), S3, ALB, Cloudfront, EKS), Kubernetes
CI ・ Test : CircleCI
Source code management: GitHub
Project management: Backlog, GitHub issue
Information sharing tools: Slack, DocBase
Other tools: Datadog, Sentry, Redash

[Background for recruitment]
The R & D team is not an extension but aims to be a strong engineer team who will continue to pursue technology, thinking about where the company should be in 5 or 10 years. Most recently, they are working on renewal with Laravel / Vue.js standard and modern technologies to provide better services in the future.

-------------【 Requirements 】-------------

■ Required skills
・ Web application development experience (PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, C #, Java, Scala, etc.)
・ Laravel / Vue.js (Nuxt) development experience
・ Cloud experience such as AWS, GCP
・ Basic knowledge about RDBMS
・ Pull request based development experience using GitHub
★Communication between employees is done mainly by Slack + Zoom for remote work. Therefore, Japanese ability is necessary to smoothly exchange business mail and chat including kanji.

[Welcome conditions]
・ Experience using CakePHP and jQuery
・ Practical experience in a development environment with continuous integration using CI
・ Development experience at WebRTC

[Welcome person image]
・ Person who can sympathize with the mission: "Eliminate intuition and gut sales with technology and bring new business opportunities to companies"
・ Person who can sympathize with the company's values

【 Working time 】

8 hours of actual work between 9:00 and 22:00 (flexible consultation on time zones is possible)

* The standard working hours of the entire company are from 9:30 to 18:30.
* Due to the discretionary work system, working hours can be determined at your own discretion based on the work situation.
* You may need to work at a general meeting or a development meeting, but you can usually work from home.
◎ Only once a week on Mondays, all employees will go to the office at Shimbashi Station ◎

【 Welfare 】

・Various Social Insurance (Employee Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Labor Accident Insurance)
・ Commutation allowance
・ Employee Shareholding System
・ Adult club activities (Chari Club, Mahjong Club, Touring Club, Sports Watch Club, etc.)
・ Use of facilities at Shimbashi Office
You can use the facilities provided by CROSSCOOP Shimbashi, such as free drinks including coffee and alcohol, OFFICE DE YASAI, lounge use, and private room use.
・ Engineer support system
・ Curiosity Support for Development
・ The company will cover all expenses for books, seminars, qualifications, event participation expenses (travel expenses, participation expenses), etc., with a maximum of 150,000 yen for each half year.
・ Latest PC loan
Once every two years, lend the latest PC you want.
・ R & D training camp support
Regardless of the target or non-target of the work, when conducting a training camp with three or more participants for the purpose of studying as an engineer, the company will bear the related expenses.

【 Holiday 】
・Full holiday 2 day system (Saturday / Sunday) holidays
・New Year holidays
・Annual paid leave
・Special Paid Leave
・Parental leave
・Summer Holiday

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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