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Neo Japanese-Pub Restaurant staff(service staff and cook)

Product Of Time Group

Product Of Time Group

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Post date
Mar 9, 2020
Food and Beverage
Waiter / Waitress, Bartender, Hall Staff
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥220,000 ~ ¥400,000 / Month
  • ※You are able to work in part-time (1,300JPY~ per hour)


  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Must currently reside in Japan


Only in such a time、we recruit people who can work as one team.
Wanted for service staff and cook at Neo Japanese-Pub Restaurant in Tokyo!

<Neo Japanese-Pub Restaurant "BEETLE">
This brand is the restaurant with the concept of "a space of relaxation" for
those in their 40s called "children of baby boomers".
We named this brand by associating the appearance of “People visit bar” with
the habit of "Beetles gather in trees for honey".
There are the counter shaped “big U” imagined nostalgic Showa period with
the design full of cleanliness and bright atmosphere.
Such as "Potato salad", "Edamame (with garlic oil)", "Oden", and "Stew with
tripe", you can take easily representative Japanese menu.

<Recruitment of service staff >
You will be in charge of servicing over the counter characterizing our restaurant, and dishing up the food.
<Recruitment: cook>
You will be in charge of cooking in general. Applicants with experiences for not only Japanese food but also cooks of various business types will be welcome.
Since we will open many branches in the future, you have opportunities to be executives.

From Spain, Serbia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Japan etc, multinational staff
are enrolled, and they operate together by giving each other’s ideas.
Aiming for “international and happy team”, we regularly have a party with international members.

❏Job description
<Restaurant name& Location>
 ・BEETLE Harajuku 1-10-23, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Gotanda 1-23-7, Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Tamachi 3-36, Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Kamata 7-4-3, Nishi-kamata, Ota, Tokyo
 ・BEETLE Urawa 1-10-1, Nakamachi, Urawa, Saitama
 ・BEETLE Urayasu 1-16-19, Todaishima, Urayasu, Chiba
 ・Full time
< Position&Salary >
 ・Service staff 280,000〜400,000 JPY per month+ incentive
 ・Cook 220,000~300,000 JPY per month+ incentive
  ※We decide about your salary according to the ability.
  ※Probation Period is two months.
  ※Bilingual (Japanese and English)
  ※You are able to work in part-time (1,200~1,350JPY per hour)
<Working hour>
 Shift system
 (Early shift or middle shift or late shift, with intermission,
 the actual work is eight hours.)
 ・8 days off per month.
 ・A paid holiday
 ・Special leave for weddings and funerals
 ・Summer and Winter holidays (each 5 days)
 ・Salary Increase two time per year
 ・Performance bonus two time per year
 ・Incentive (10,000〜50,000 JPY per month)
 ・Social insurance(Medical, Pension, Employment Insurance etc)
 ・Transportation Fee provided
 ・Uniform rental ・Meals ・Employee discount
 ・Training system
 ・Employ trip (2018 Hakodate, Soul, Miyakojima 2019 Ishigaki, Aizu)
 ・Tasting and sampling party per month
 ・Study tour, employ event(example B.B.Q party)
<Moving house cost, Housing allowance available>
 You can use our company system of moving expenses or housing
 assistance, even when you move after joining the company, even
 before you join the company depending on the affiliation.

We plan to more new restaurants in the future, we will actively recruit.
And we will support you to challenge in Japan.
We wait for your application.


都内のNeo Japanese-Pub Restaurantで、サービススタッフとコックを募集︕

<Neo Japanese-Pub Restaurant「⼤衆酒場 BEETLE」>

仕事は調理業務全般をお願いします。和⾷だけでなく、様々な業態の調理経 験者も⼤歓迎です。

当社の従業員は、スペイン、セルビア、ミャンマー、バングラディッシュ、 ネパール、⽇本など、
多国籍のスタッフが在籍しており、お互いのアイデア を出しながら⼒を合わせて運営しています。
「国際的で楽しいチーム」を⽬ 指している当社では、定期的にインターナショナルメンバーのパーティーも 開催しています︕

 ・BEETLE 原宿 東京都渋⾕区 神宮前1丁⽬10-23
 ・BEETLE 五反⽥ 東京都品川区東五反⽥1-23-7
 ・BEETLE ⽥町 東京都港区芝浦3丁⽬36
 ・BEETLE 蒲⽥ 東京都⼤⽥区⻄蒲⽥7-4-3
 ・BEETLE 浦和 埼⽟県さいたま市浦和区仲町1丁⽬10-1
 ・BEETLE 浦安 千葉県浦安市当代島1-16-19
 ・サービススタッフ ⽉給28〜40万円+インセンティブ
 ・コック ⽉給22〜30万円+インセンティブ
 (早番・中番・遅番シフト制 実働8Hのシフト交替制)
 ・昇給年2回 ・賞与年2回 ・毎⽉インセンティブ⽀給
 ・社会保険完備 ・交通費⽀給 ・⾞通勤応相談
 ・制服貸与 ・⾷事付
 ・社員旅行あり(2018年:函館、ソウル、宮古島 2019年:石垣、会津)


The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

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