【Takayama, JAPAN】NEW Boutique Hotel + Cafe // Guest Serivce Staff eph TAKAYAMA (期限切れ)

AJ InterBridge Inc.

AJ InterBridge Inc.

岐阜県 高山市花里町5丁目13-17
旅行 / 観光 / ホスピタリティ
正社員 / 中途・役職なし
年収 300万円 ~ 400万円
  • 相談可


  • 英語: 流暢
  • 日本語: 上級(ビジネス会話レベル)
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります


◆Japanese and non-Japanese natives welcome to apply◆

▲The position▲
GUEST SERVICES Team Member at our newest boutique hotel in TAKAYAMA (Gifu Prefecture).

We currently manage 1 mid-sized hotel (20 rooms), 3 boutique hotels (under 10 rooms), 1 traditional inn, over 60 individual machiya properties with plans to open more properties in 2019.

eph TAKAYAMA (Hotel) is our newest hotel that we are excited to introduce to travelers.
-12 rooms + 1 cafe
-1 minute walk from TAKAYAMA station

Take this opportunity to join AJ INTERBRIDGE INC., and become a part of our multi-national team while overseeing guests during their stay in Japan.
▲Who we are looking for▲
・Outgoing, Friendly staff who enjoy communicating with others.
・Forward-thinking, and team-oriented staff members.
・Flexible, and fast thinking team members. Everyday is different, and every guest who you meet is someone new.
・Organized, and able to multitask in a fast-paced environment.
▲Job description▲
Daily Task:
・Guest Service assistance via telephone, email, in person.
・Communicate with guests (from Japan and all over the world) on a daily basis.
・Ensure guest satisfaction via concierge services, special requests, and more!
・Offer local recommendations based on guest needs (restaurants, sightseeing attractions, local events, staff recommendations, etc.)
・Ensure reservations are in order, organize and prepare for future guests (will need to utilize a computerized system)
・Share and execute new ideas so guests leave with a great experience, and wanting to return to Japan!
ENGLISH: Business-level or Native-level
JAPANESE: Business-level or higher
・Basic Computer skills
・Ability to work in both a team environment and independently
・Natural ability to communicate with others (speaking, writing)
・2 or more years of work experience (in any industry)
・Starting from 210,000 yen~/month
*Salary is negotiable and will be dependent on prior experience, skill, etc.
*Salary includes 20 hours/month overtime allowance (Overtime Allowance will be included in monthly salary whether you work overtime or not)

Training period salary: Salary minus overtime allowance (No overtime during training period)

Bonus salary:
・Semi-Annual Bonus Salary(Bonus Salary is based on Performance)
・Twice a year in【July & December】
・Commuting/Travel Allowance (max. 30,000 yen/month)*

Salary raise:
Once a year (annual)
▲Training Period▲
3 months
▲Work Shift▲
・8~9 hours/ per day (Monthly Rotating Shift Schedule)
・5 days / per week
Shift Examples: 7am-4pm / 2pm-11pm /11pm-8am
▲Other Details▲
・Full VISA Support
・Full Benefits (社保完備): Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Pension
・Annual Paid Holidays
・Paid Maternity Leave
・Employee Accommodation Discount
・Family Allowance for families with Dependents (*Certain restrictions will apply)
・Housing Support

▲Housing / Transportation Support▲
・Housing Allowance: 50% of monthly rent (max. of 30,000 yen/per month)
・Transportation Fee: max. of 30,000 yen/per month
・Moving Allowance: (Maximum limit for allowance, contact us for more details)
More than 1 position available if qualified candidates apply.

No prior experience in the travel or hospitality industry is needed.

・Creating “the only one” experience.
・At AJ INTERBRIDGE INC., we not only want travelers to experience the beauty of Japanese culture, and appreciate the wonders of Japan, but we want to spread the uniquely Japanese hospitality culture, and ultimately, the best experience they can have.

・As Japan continues to grow as an exciting travel destination, we need the talented skills of new team members to help welcome our guests. If you would like to get a start in the travel & hospitality industry, or further your career path, join the AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. team. Our current team consists of staff from: Japan, United States, Philippines, Romania, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, and more!

Feel free to contact us at any time should you have additional questions or inquiries.


・ 国内外のお客様のチェックイン業務及びコンシェルジュ業務(観光案内/予約手配など)
・OTA及び エージェント経由の予約対応



年間105日、シフト制 月8~9日休み、有給休暇


・住宅補助: 家賃の50%支給(上限3万円)


・弊社ではスタッフは皆「エンタテイナーであれ」と考えており、理想の人物像として「世界中の人々に最高の旅をデザインするOnly Oneのエンタテイナー」を掲げています。



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