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【Infra Engineer/ SRE】|ERP Packages Dev. for Major Companies 【Visa Sponsorship】 (expired)

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Minato-ku, Tokyo
Post date
Mar 27, 2020
Information Technology
Database Design / Development
Work Type
Full Time / Experienced (Non-Manager)
¥6.0M ~ ¥8.0M / Year


  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • 3 years experience in Server
  • JLPT N2 Level Japanese
  • Visa sponsorship available


★Development of ERP package software for major companies
★Great Welfare!

-------------【About the company ...】-------------

Planning, development, sales and consulting of ERP package software for major companies and government agencies.

Realized the construction of enterprise applications (ERP package software) for major corporations and government agencies, which was said to be impossible in Japan.
Currently used by approximately 1,300 large companies, and it is the No.1 in the ERP package market for major companies for 9 consecutive years

[Challenge to the unknown domain of domestic ERP]
In the 1990s, the shift of Japanese companies to IT lagged far behind the overseas advanced nations. Their vision is to improve the information investment efficiency of Japanese companies to the world level. People, products, money, and information are the core of the company. The challenge was to develop a domestically produced ERP (Basic Business System) that could make effective use of it.
The business of a major Japanese company is considered the most complex in the world. It was even said that it was impossible to develop software to completely cover it.

Generate 1 from 0. To do that, they first needed human power. A person who can find a problem on his own, create a solution that does not exist in the world, and execute it. They call such people "critical workers." By providing a place where they can be active, we have created a group that creates new value. The completed ERP was able to establish a solid position in the HR payroll market.

[Toward a new growth phase with the new structure]
To maximize productivity, they have begun developing products that utilize AI and other technologies. The company challenged a field that no one had achieved. The company divested and specialized in accounting and sales management. Accounting and sales management are the most important parts of the core business. It is also the area they are ultimately aiming for.

-------------【 Job Description 】-------------

◆Anticipate market needs, consider customer benefits and objectives on their own
You can engage in the whole process, from planning to development in the SRE section of the new product “SCM department”.
◆The job has an environment where you can pour all of your brain and skills and immerse yourself in creative manufacturing.

[Business description]
・You will solve difficult problems in the construction and operation support of cloud systems related to cloud services for major companies. You will commit to performance improvement / stable operation, focusing on the construction and operation of the infrastructure.
* In particular, you will lead initiatives to continuously improve system availability, reliability, and maintainability.

[Attraction of this position]
・ You can gain a lot of experience of creative improvement and problem solving with your own technology for product issues and problems.
・ Major domestic companies are the main users.
・ You can feel the joy that the functions that you have planned and developed are used by major companies and support the foundation of management.
・ Cooperation with overseas development bases, as well as a large number of foreign employees in the domestic development department, allow employees to work in a diverse environment.

-------------【 Requirements 】-------------

■ Required skills
・ Three years of work experience in server operation on Linux
・ Communication skills in Japanese (standard N2 or higher)

・ Ansible implementation experience
・ Experience of Jenkins job implementation by Groovy
・ Experience operating a server on the AWS Cloud
・ Experience in security measures for Web services
・ Experience in load distribution and network design through CDN etc.
・ Serverless architecture configuration / distribution / operation experience
・ Mobile service design, delivery and operation experience

・ Those who are highly ambitious and do not hesitate to invest
・ Thoroughly pursuing facts, setting issues, drafting an action plan with an image of execution, and making adjustments both inside and outside the team
・ Person who can take responsibility for the task of solving and solving problems for innovation with speed.
・ Those who are always conscious of the customer's viewpoint and operation, select and select the `` appropriate '' technology focused on problem-solving, receive feedback early, correct the trajectory, and want to promote improvement and innovation with a sense of speed
・ Person who wants to solve problems from an engineering perspective, not only to improve procedures and manuals

【 Working time 】

Flextime (No core-time)

【 Welfare 】
・ Family&Child Allowance
・ Employee Shareholding System
・ Company's own health insurance association
・ Defined contribution pension, defined benefit pension plan (DB / DC)
・ Kyosaikai (GLTD group insurance, general welfare group insurance, sickness, and sickness payment system, etc.)
・ Financial savings system
・ Condolence money
・ Employee shareholding association system
・ In-house massage room
・ Maternity and childcare leave system, return to work bonus available
・ Welfare cafeteria plan
・ Comeback pass system (re-entry system)

【 Holiday 】
■ Full weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday), holidays
■ New Year holidays
■ Paid leave

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This job is no longer available.

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