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Bilingual staffs for New DMM Eikaiwa Projects (expired)



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Jun 27, 2019
Education / Teaching
Other Marketing, Advertising, PR
Work Type
Part Time / Entry Level
¥50,000 / Project


  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Basic
  • Must currently reside in Japan


Recruitment of "DMM Eikaiwa Supporters”!
Let's interact with those who are learning English in Events and Radio shows!

DMM Eikaiwa, which is No.1 in online English conversation service, is starting 3 new projects from May 2019
First is an Internet radio, "DMM Eikaiwa Radio", second is a community project called "DMM Eikaiwa Experience" where people can experience various things combining English and hobby, and the final project is "DMM Eikaiwa Boost", which is a seminar series that offer solution for those who are having trouble advancing their English skills.

In each project, we would like to recruit support staffs. This is not a full time position*, but you can participate to support us and English learners in each event.
*Depending on an event or a project, it can be a work with or without remuneration.
If you are interested, please sign up. For those who signed up, we will send information about projects and events that can match your interest and/or needs.

-More details on 3 new projects-

<DMM Eikaiwa Experience>
In this community project, we offer various programs where you can experience combination of English and hobby. There are 8 hobby categories: Travel, Culture, Sports, Health&Beauty, Local, Night tour and Works shop. For example, we hosted a Japanese sake workshop for our launch party. In this party, there were mixture of Japanese and foreign guests, and we held a sake seminar with an American sake specialist as a speaker. Then in the party, everyone spent time together while experiencing sake and food pairing.
As English learners experience new things using English, they can gain a sense that using English is fun, as well as motivation to keep learning English.

Looking for supporters!
For the next event, we will host an "English camp" in a private camp site at the end of July.
You can have a great experience through activities like camp fire, outdoor cinema and so on.
Come and join us!

<DMM Eikaiwa Boost>
This seminar project offers seminar series so that the English learners understand better about how they can use DMM Eikaiwa effectively. We offer the seminars depending on their English levels, their target and problems they have. We intend to offer a place where English learners can resolve problems they have in the language learning.

<DMM Eikaiwa Radio>
We offer our first sound-based content with this radio project. DMM staff and bilingual person do the DJs. The content includes introducing some English learning materials and people who work at DMM Eikaiwa, as well as solving users' problem in learning English.
It will be easy to listen to, and can offer some tips in learning English.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

DMM Eikaiwa Supporters"大募集!

No.1オンライン英会話サービス「DMM英会話( )」では5月より、3つの新プロジェクトを始動させます。

1つ目はインターネットラジオ「DMM Eikaiwa Radio」、2つ目は"英語×趣味"を体験できるコミュニティプロジェクト「DMM Eikaiwa Experience」、そして3つ目は英語学習者のお悩みを解消するセミナープロジェクト「DMM Eikaiwa boost」です。
それぞれのプロジェクトで、日本にいるバイリンガルのサポートスタッフを募集しています。正規の採用ではなく、企画ごとイベントごとのサポートスタッフとして今後ご協力いただける方はエントリーをお願いします。ご登録いただいた方には、"DMM Eikaiwa Supporters"として、マッチする企画や今後行われるイベントのご案内をさせていただきます。

Depending on an event or a project
Please refer to “-More details on 3 new projects-”

1. Must be a native English speaker / native English speaker level.
JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N2 and above is preferred.
Experience living in English-speaking country more than 5 years is preferred.

2. Payment
job assignment 0 JPY ~ 50,000JPY
Depending on an event or a project

3. Work location
Depending on an event or a project

4. Working hours
Depending on an event or a project

1. 歓迎条件

2. 報酬
0 ~ 50,000円

3. 勤務地

4. 勤務時間

The above information is a public job ad. This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract.

This job is no longer available.

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