Luxury Driver | グランドパイロット(ハイヤードライバー)(期限切れ)



東京都 港区
運輸 / 物流
正社員 / 中途・役職なし
月給 35万円 ~ 62万円
  • 歩合制


  • 日本語: 上級(ビジネス会話レベル)
  • 英語: 上級(ビジネス会話レベル)
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります
  • Can drive in Japan | 普通免許取得3年以上経過(AT可)
  • ビザのスポンサーが可能


(English Below) [ Average monthly income 626,000 yen! ]


配車担当からの指示のもと 決められたスケジュールに沿ってお客様の送迎をしてください。






普通免許取得後3年以上 ◎営業・販売・サービス業など、90%が異業界出身者



1日2交代制(昼夜) 8~11h(休憩を除く)


月収93万8000円(運転時間8.5時間/1日 勤務日数22日/月)

月収71万8000円(運転時間9.2時間/1日 勤務日数20日/月)

・2種免許取得費用会社負担 ※ただし2年以内に退職の場合は一括返済

・出産・育児休暇 ほか



【Job Description】
Benz S Class, Lexus, BMW etc, High-class Luxury Driver
◆ There are many reserved customers, there is almost no cancellation or wasted time.

Pick up your customers according to the schedule decided based on instructions from the dispatcher. This will likely be in Japanese, but you'll get used to it.
One shift is between 8 and 11 h (excluding breaks). Either daytime or nighttime shift.

Lexus, BMW, Crown, Alphard, Hiace, Benz and other luxury cars are central.
Because it carries all car navigation, those who are inexperienced are also safe.
If you are a good driver, with excellent customer service skills, you can do this job.

[About the Customers]
Due to inbound demand in recent years, visitors and business travelers from overseas, primarily high-level executives and celebrities are an increasing trend. So don't get star-struck.

[Career Development]
Before becoming a full company member, you will be required to obtain a 2 types of license which is necessary to drive a taxi legally in Japan.
The company will cover these costs for you. It is possible to acquire without trouble about 1 week in school or training camp. We hope to help support you in this endeavor.

After joining the company, we offer a minimum of 10 days of training from our central location.
Through the training, you will learn the basic operation of MK and the GPS wireless operation which is the main axis of service.
Support from ticket and card handling methods to everything from the airport entry way to the entire metropolitan area geography.
(At the time of training ※ Allowance of 10,000 yen daily allowance is paid)

Senior citizen support may be necessary from time to time. There are many luxury drivers who are young in their 20s to 30s and have never been in a corporate setting. But you should know it is an environment that demands excellence.

Our airport pick-up is also a feature of our company. We cooperate with major airline companies, and of Narita airport pick ups our share is more than 70%.
In addition, there are many customers of repeaters and members currently, about 80% have become customers who have made a reservation.

Luxury Drivers (or Grand Pilots) from a wide range of ages from 20's to 50's are active.
Employees' previous positions are various, but there is a tendency that there are a relatively large number of people engaged in sales, service, and transportation.

Inexperience welcome! Entry-level welcome!
However preference is given for drivers with three years or more of holding a driver's license
Of course Japanese ability will also be a major plus. Although we want to hire bilingual and foreign workers, many of our own staff have limited English ability.

[The following people are welcomed]
■ Those who like to drive a car
■ Those with dedication, and enjoy when their work is appreciated
■ Person who has two kinds of driver's license
※ Education is less important, high-school graduates are welcomed

【Work location】
1-3-9 Higashi Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo
⇒ 2 minutes on foot from "Shimbashi station" Shiodome port on each line
* U · I turn welcome
※ No relocation

【Working hours】
2 day shift system (day and night) 8 to 11 h (except for breaks)
※ Working 22 days a month
* It is also possible to be active as a day work staff. Please do not hesitate to consult us
※ I will explain the detailed shift at a briefing session or interview

[Average monthly income 626,000 yen! ]
3 months of joining / monthly salary 350,000 yen
From the fourth month after joining / over 200,000 yen / month + salary

[Monthly income record]
Top class Grand Pilot
Monthly income 938,000 yen (operation time 8.5 hours / work day 22 days / month)

Lexus · BMW Driver
Monthly income 718,000 yen (operating hours 9.2 hours / working days 20 days / month)

【Treatment · Benefits】
· Entering bonus maximum 1 million yen provided
☆ In our company, for those who have two kinds of licenses and those with English conversation skills, as a welcome bonus
Hire a maximum of 1 million yen to join the company one to six months after payment.
Payment amount is determined based on experience and skills at the time of entry
· Social insurance complete
· Uniform loan
· Night room · full bathroom
· Various training (English conversation · manners · geography · newcomers)
· 2 types of license acquisition expenses company burden ※ However, in the case of retirement within 2 years, collective repayment
※ Period of training Daily 10,000 yen (2 weeks to 1 month)
· Incentive system

【Holiday and vacation】
· Month 6 - 9 (shift system)
※ We will consider your hopes for holidays
※ Weekly 3 day system available (For details, please ask at briefing or interview)
· Annual paid vacation
· Congratulations on holiday
· Special holiday
· Childbirth · childcare leave etc.

If you love driving, and/or have experience as a professional driver. This is a driving career that is not threatened by advances in technology. Our clients require a professional touch of excellence, and we will reward that excellence as well.

We are looking for foreign drivers who want to be a part of excellence.
Please apply today!

※ If the contents of the employment agreement exchanged with the application guidelines differ, based on mutual agreement, It shall conform to the content of the final employment contract.



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