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Uniflex Marketing, Inc - ユニフレックス マーケティング株式会社

Uniflex Marketing, Inc - ユニフレックス マーケティング株式会社

マーケティング / PR / 広告
正社員 / 中途・役職なし
年収 420万円 ~ 600万円
  • 相談可
  • 【急募】 


  • 日本語: 上級(ビジネス会話レベル)
  • 英語: 上級(ビジネス会話レベル)
  • 現在日本在住の方に限ります
  • 2 yrs of Digital marketing experience / デジタルマーケティングの実務経験が2年程度ある
  • Social Media Management experience (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) / SNSの運用経験(例:ウェブ流入、フォロワー獲得の広告運用、またはそのディレクションをサブコントラクターにできる
  • SEO knowledge / 内部および外部SEOの知識経験


Uniflex marketing is a company specializing in marketing of consumable goods, especially foods, cosmetics, household goods, etc. Currently, I am concentrating on marketing services aimed at developing and expanding the Japanese market for agricultural promotion groups in the United States, but in the future I will expand the business with the development of new clients in Japan and non-US.

In addition, in order to strengthen digital marketing related to all operations, we will seek those with business experience and skills related to SNS and website management in this job offering (For details please see the application requirements).

[Main work content]
It is a job to create demand and develop market for US agricultural products (California walnut, California prune, American potato) in the Japanese market as the representative office of Japan of the USDA related group Private companies do).

In order to achieve its objectives,
1. design and analysis of daily information collection and of large and small market research (consumer and industry)
2. analysis of the market, planning of marketing strategy and tactics
as 3. actual activities , 
    ① Proposal: Information provision and information gathering for handling to the nuts, dried fruit industry, food industry, distribution industry, food service / meal industry, etc.
    ② Advertisement
    ③ PR
    ④ Sales promotion
    ⑤ Variety such as operation of homepage, SNS, in-house media, and activities related to managing many subcontractors companies.

(A) On third of the whole work contacts and reports with the US side officials such as the US headquarters, the US embassy, ​​and others.
(B) The next one-third is the encouragement and presentation to Japanese food industry, distribution industry, mass media, target media, academic organizations etc.
(C) The remaining 1/3 has work such as discussion and progress management with advertising agent, PR company, event / sales promotion company, design company, printing company, research company etc.

In any case, it is necessary to have high English & Japanese abilities to manage the needed information.

【 Welcoming qualifications, aptitude, experience, etc.】
1. Experience in knowledge and experience of food business in general and marketing work experience of food / daily necessities
2. Experience in managing digital media
3. Ability to draw big strategy, Planning ability to devise effective tactics
4. Tenacious negotiation and persuasiveness to be treated favorably by the food industry and mass media
5. Speedy and accurate judgment, determination ability and direction ability for using and managing many subcontractors

The focus of the team player program with communication skills and sense of responsibility depends on how we gain recognition, understanding and support of society and food industry. Therefore, it is particularly important to actively interact with traditional media such as TV, newspaper, radio and magazines from digital media, skillfully use news and programs through them, and to foster favorable public opinion (PR) Become.

In addition, this time we will start as the program coordinator of the California Walnut Association.
In rare cases there are also personnel changes between teams. I think marketing and sales experience and skills in the food industry as an important career.
As in-house positions, there are team assistants, program coordinators, senior program coordinators, program managers, program directors, etc. Salary and so forth will change according to experience, skills and ability.

Working closing time: 09: 30 ~ 18: 00
Holidays Vacation: Saturdays · Sundays · Holidays (10th annual paid leave after 6 months, refresh vacation according to the number of years of work, Summer, New Year's Holiday) Subscription insurance
etc.: Employment insurance , Workers 'accident insurance, Health insurance, Employees' pension
transportation expenses: Actual expenses (No limit)
Trial period


ユニフレックス マーケティングは、食品・化粧品・家庭用品等、特に消耗消費財のマーケティングに特化している会社です。現在は、米国の農業プロモーション団体に対する日本市場の開拓と拡大を目的としたマーケティングサービスに集中していますが、今後は日本国内および米国以外の新規クライアントの開拓をもって事業拡大を図ります。



1. 毎日の情報収集や大・小の市場調査の設計・分析(消費者及び業界)
2. 市場の分析、マーケティング戦略・戦術の立案
3. 実際の活動としては、 
4. 全体の仕事の1/3は米国本部、米国大使館などの米国側関係者との連絡や報告。

1. 食品ビジネス全般の知識・経験や食品・日用品のマーケティング業務経験
2. デジタルメディアの運用経験
3. 大きな戦略を描ける能力、効果的な戦術を練る企画力
4. 食品業界やマスメディアに好意的に扱ってもらうための粘り強い折衝力と説得力
5. 多数のサブコントラクターを使用、管理するためのスピーディーで的確な判断力や決断力とディレクション能力
6. コミュニケーション能力と責任感を備えたチームプレーヤー



終業時間: 09:30~18:00
休日休暇:  土・日・祝日(6か月経過後の年次有給休暇10日、勤務年数に応じリフレッシ ュ休暇、夏季5日、年末年始6日、慶弔休暇)
加入保険等: 雇用保険、労災保険、健康保険、厚生年金
交通費: 実費(上限なし)
試用期間:  3か月あり(労働条件に変更なし)
選考方法:  書類選考のうえ、面接・筆記試験



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