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MOTHERS inc. is operating 25 restaurants, and bakeries, all over Japan.
These days, we are demonstrating our ability to make hotels more attractive also.

Our missions are "creation of the new city", "management training", "life to choose".
The life you can choose is given only to those who can do this "Thinking acts by thinking on their own rather than running on a given rail".
To that end, we must challenge without fear of failure and crawl up even if we are frustrated at times.
We think people will become lovely only after overcoming this suffering and frustration. So we give almost responsibility to the responsible person.
We will create a team and be empowered and run toward the same goal."
“Let’s try! Do not be afraid of failure” We can not do business without this. It can not be easy. If a nice person exists, nice people gather and become a nice shop.

After all, the most important thing for all of the food-service industries is "people". we think that is the essence. That is why we believe it is our mission to create an environment where each person can grow.

Why work for us


In 2021, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary.
What kind of future can we envision in 2021 It is going to be a very important year for us. In this era of confusion, we need to evolve further.

Our mission is to “create a new town”, “manager training” and “choosing the life you want”.
Choosing the life you want. What I mean is, “Show good results by thinking and acting on your own.” That’s the only way this is possible.
To do this, you need to keep challenging yourself. You may suffer setbacks time to time, but you have to turn things around yourself.
Overcoming these pain and hardships will make you an amazing person. That is why, in our company, we give almost all authority to those in charge.
“Make a team, give them authority and work towards the same goal.”

Do what you want! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
If you can’t do that, you can’t run management. It’s not easy. If there’s one amazing person, amazing people will gather and it will become an amazing restaurant.
In the end, what matters is “people”. I believe that’s the essential quality in a restaurant. That is why I think my mission is to provide an environment for each staff to evolve.

In the near future, if someone who worked at Mothers opened a lovely restaurant in your favorite town, I hope it will make you happy. Being appreciated for producing amazing staffs. I think that’s one of the perks of being in this business. Therefore, I am truly grateful for your continuous warm support for our staff and this company.

CEO Yoshitake Yasumura

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