PlayNext Lab Inc.

Position Available
Number of Employees
Year Founded
Specialized Industries
1, IT Solution Business:
- System integration
- System Engineering Service

2, HR Solution Business:
- TalentHub
- Shokureach


Since its founding in 2016, Playnext Lab has developed a variety of services such as smartphone games, HR TECH services, and chatbot system development, leveraging the development capabilities of a global team of engineers.

Although it is a young company that has not been around for a long time since its establishment, it has steadily responded to the needs of various clients every day as a supporting player who develops and operates its own services and also supports various services in the world.

We will continue to pursue the growth of our own services and contribute to society as a digital transformation creation company that supports our clients.

Why work for us

<IT-Solution Division>
- System Integration
Develop and maintain web system for enterprise telecommunication and trading companies.
- Cloud Managed Service
Develop and maintain cloud based managed services for Local Government and public entity.
Our platform adopting microservices architecture to enjoy a multitude of potential advantages with new technology challenges.

<HR-Solution Division>
- TalentHub
Direct Recruiting Platform to connect global engineering talents to the company in Japan.
- Shokureach
Recruiting support platform specialized food and restaurant industry.

<Sales-Solution Division>
Sales of IT & HR services.

Available Positions

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