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CareerEngine is an online job board network focusing on high-skilled bilingual professionals with foreign language competency and professional experience in the global marketplace

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Registered Candidates On The CareerEngine Database

A breakdown of registered candidates in the CareerEngine database.

Page Views Per
Leading Professions
  1. 1. Hi-tech/IT
  2. 2. Service Industry
  3. 3. Manufacturing, Planning
  4. 4. Corporate Services,
    Customer Relations
Unique Visitors Per
Age & Gender
  • 22 ~ 25 10%
  • 26 ~ 29 30%
  • 30 ~ 35 40%
  • 36 ~ 45 20%
  • Men 60%
  • Women 40%
  • Living in Japan 85%
  • Living in Tokyo 70%
  • Living in Osaka 10%
& Language
  • Executive-level
    experience 21%
  • Native Japanese with
    English 13%

Of Our Users

North America 18%
Europe 10%
Asia 18%
Japan 48%
Australia & New Zealand 6%

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User Profile

CareerEngine Sample User Profiles

CareerEngine has one of the largest databases of highly-skilled, globally minded Japanese and foreign professionals. Target the exact person you need for your business.


Japanese, 31

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) qualified, she was introduced to CareerEngine through membership of the ACCJ. Despite the appeal of working for a large corporation, she chose to join a small accounting services company, with a Canadian president - attracted by opportunities to gain exposure to all business accounting processes, as well as learning what drives a businesses’ growth, while dealing with clients face-to-face.

IT Systems Engineer

American, 37

Educated at Stanford and with experience working in Silicon valley, he followed an interest in Japan and decided to take his career in a new direction by moving to Tokyo. Utilizing his language skills, he was promoted to lead a development team working on corporate computer systems.

Sales Representative

Japanese, 29

Formerly the top salesperson at a major city bank, she decided to further challenge herself and took a position in the IT industry, finding a place where she could polish her sales ability to build more personal and long term relations with her clients. She is now a vital part of this young IT company.


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Office hours are between
9:00 ~ 18:00 Monday to Friday
(Closed National Holidays)
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