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General Guidelines for Posting Jobs

1. In posting job advertisements, clients are responsible for:

  • Quality, safety and legality of their business operation.
  • Adequateness and accuracy of job information.
  • Must be a proper employment opportunity
  • Must not be disadvantageous to the employee

2. GPlusMedia retains the right to refuse job advertisements posted by clients that:

  • Advertise positions that they do not have the legal right to offer (i.e. recruiter, dispatch, temp agency)
  • Are not from a legal entity. No job offers from individuals.
  • Posting jobs for hiring, not for commercial advertisement.
  • Include information which is offensive to public order and morals.
  • Relate to obscenity, gambling and violence.
  • Aim at criminal acts.
  • Excluding both direct and indirect references to candidates’ gender, nationality, race, physical disability, religion, sexual orientation, and age.
  • Include false information.
  • Defame, damage or potentially insult other companies.
  • Content that GPlusMedia otherwise consider inappropriate
  • Use copyright protected documents and other materials without the permission of the original copyright holders.
  • Conduct business operations through the GPlusMedia service for different purposes not agreed to by GPlusMedia.
  • Interferes with GPlusMedia’s service operations and/or individual users.
  • Violate our privacy policy and related industry regulations.

3. Job Posting Rules

  • All postings must refer to a specific position.
  • Job postings must not contain multiple positions (must be created as separate job postings)
  • Job postings must not have Job titles that exceed 80 characters or contain symbols (stars, asterisks), ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or information that belongs in the job description such as location, wage, benefits, etc
  • Job postings must not contain hyperlinks, website addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses or contact names in the job description.
  • Job postings must not require the user to "email for more details/submit application".
  • Except for licensed recruiting firms, job postings must be for the same entity as on the contract. A head office cannot post on behalf of a group company, subsidiary, etc.
  • GPlusMedia reserves all editorial rights to edit job postings.

4. Posting advice

For best results, please include the following information in your job posting

  • Details of the position - Include why the work advertised sounds interesting or attractive.
  • How many people hiring if more than one opening.
  • Conditions - Working hours, location, etc
  • Benefits: health insurance, commutation allowance, pension, flex-time, transportation costs.
  • Company description and culture
  • Job description
  • Qualifications (required and preferred)
  • Ideal Candidate

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