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Managed Search

All the benefits of a recruiter at a fraction
of the cost

Managed Search, powered by the GPlusMedia network, is a hands-on candidate acquisition, screening and introduction service. Save money and time by letting our experienced HR and Recruiting professionals help you find the right candidates you’re seeking, for one price regardless of salary paid to candidate.


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Hire Right, Hire Efficiently

This service is ideal for companies that may not have the time, experience or language proficiency to carry out the very time consuming task of candidate search and selection.

Our Managed Search team will proactively search for candidates based on your criteria to deliver a short-list of qualified candidates ready for you to interview. Leave the search to the experts so you concentrate on interviewing only those candidates who are a true fit for the position.

We go beyond “check the box” filtering; this is a human process searching for the right candidate.


Managed Search
Steps include

  1. Position Review

    Our recruiting experts will meet with you to find out exactly what and who you are looking for.
  2. Job Posting & Social Media Push

    We will promote your position throughout our media, giving you the exposure to find the right candidates.
  3. Database Search & Invitations

    We will conduct a thorough search of our entire user base (over 390,000 candidates) and social media connections, letting the right people find out about you.
  4. Candidate Selection

    We will carefully screen all applicants and connect you with the right candidates who most closely align with your requirements.


We Will Provide...

  • Detailed Job Descriptions & Specifications – In close contact with the client, we will outline all details of the position, identify requirements and ideal candidates.
  • Translation / proofing assistance – We provide this service as necessary.
  • Candidate Attraction Strategy – Using the entire GPlusMedia portfolio of services including job boards, social media, and other marketing strategies, we will publicize, create attractive Client PR and otherwise endeavor to add value to your company and available position(s).
  • Branding – We'll help you become an employer of choice by working with you to create a recognizable brand within our network and online.
  • Candidate screening – Fully utilizing our internal and external resources to screen candidates. More than just filtering by terms, we look at the resume in-depth.


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Office hours are between
9:00 ~ 18:00 Monday to Friday
(Closed National Holidays)
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