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1. I'm having trouble logging into my Employer Account, what can I do?

  • Ensure you are attempting to login from the Employers Area. The link to the Employers Area is located on the right side of the main menu.
  • Login using your full email address and double check your password is entered correctly.

If you are still having trouble please contact us or give us a call on 050-3188-0878.

2. How can I edit my job posting after it's posted online?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Changing the content of a job posting can cause confusion amongst candidates and have a negative impact on the numbers of applications received. As a result, we employ a strict policy of not allowing changes to be made once an advertisement is online.

However, if there is an obvious mistake contained in the job posting, contact us and we’ll make any corrections necessary as quickly as possible.

3. My job posting is ‘On Hold’. What does that mean?

Once your job posting has been submitted it typically takes one business day (24 hours) for the content of the advertisement to be properly verified and posted online. Until the job posting has been verified, it will be ‘On Hold’.

For first-time employers please be aware that pre-payment is required before any job posting goes online.

4. How can I view all my job postings?

All your job postings appear in the Jobs section. After logging in, by default, you arrive in the Jobs section with all your job postings displayed in a table.

  • Clicking on a job posting will display the details of the job.
  • You can also ‘Preview’ the job the way it appears to users as well as ‘Duplicate’ the job to quickly create a new job.

5. Is my ability to access candidate applications limited in any way?

  • You are able to access the Candidates section and view past applications whilst you possess job credits or have a job posting currently online.
  • If your most recent job posting expired more than two weeks ago and you have no job credits remaining, your account will automatically become inactive and unable to access the Candidates section.
  • Access can be reactivated upon purchase of new job credits.

6. Can I retrieve a job application after they have been deleted from my account?

To recover a deleted application:

  1. Click on the ‘Candidates’ tab located on the main menu
  2. Click on ‘Deleted’ located on the left side menu to view a list of all deleted candidate applications

7. How can I reply to multiple candidates at once?

Follow these steps to reply to multiple candidates:

  1. Click on the ‘Candidates’ tab located on the main menu
  2. In the listing, click on the ‘job position’ you wish to view applications for (This will filter the listing according to the job you selected)
  3. Select the candidates you wish to contact by clicking on the check boxes next to their names (Tip: Clicking the top-most check box will select all)
  4. Click the ‘Email’ button below the listing
  5. On the next screen, compose your message, then click ‘Preview’
  6. Click ‘Send’ to deliver your message or ‘Back’ to make any changes


Candidates are not aware nor able to see information pertaining to any other recipients of the same message.

8. How can I manage my email templates?

To manage your email templates, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Candidates’ tab located on the main menu
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Email Templates’ link located on the right side of the main menu to access the template page

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